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Research and Science Today journal


Research and Science Today

RESEARCH AND SCIENCE TODAY is a biannual science journal established in 2011. The journal is an informational platform that publishes assessment articles and the results of various scientific research carried out by academics.
We provide the authors with the opportunity to create and/or perfect their science writing skills. Thus, each issue of the journal (two per year and at least two supplements) will contain professional articles from any academic field, authored by domestic and international academics.
The goal of this journal is to pass on relevant information to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students as well as to fellow academics and researchers; the topics covered are unlimited, considering its multi-disciplinary profile.
Regarding the national and international visibility of Research and Science Today, it is indexed in over 30 international databases (IDB) and is present in over 200 online libraries and catalogues; therefore, anybody can easily consult the articles featured in each issue by accessing the databases or simply the website.

Research and Science Today it is published by Flavius Cristian Marcau.

Flavius Cristian Marcau


Research and Science Today


Research and Science Today


  1. TUCĂ NICUȘOR05-22-2013

    Sunt lector la Facultatea de Teologie din cadrul Universității Ovidius-Constanța. Profesorii pot publica în revista dumneavoastră?
    tel 0724 209 661
    Cu stimă,
    Pr. lect. dr. Tucă Nicușor

    • rst05-26-2013

      Da. Cadrele didactice pot publica in aceasta revista!

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